CNC Milling

CNC Milling


: FOX-VPS have invested heavily during recent years in expanding and enhancing it’s CNC and conventional milling capability. In addition, careful attention to fixturing and tooling systems as well as operator training have produced considerable increases in productive capacity.

CNC Milling


Mazak VTC200C with 4th axis and pendulum milling facility
Mazak VTC20B with Index Table
2 Haas VFO-E with 4th Axis
2 Haas VFO with 4th Axis
Haas Mini Mill


Bridgeport BR2J Turret
Broadbent B5V/A
Semco CNC Mastermill 800

CNC Milling


5 4th axis tables maximum indexing diameter 800mm. Full
50mm bar feed on Haas CNC rotary table
Vacuum fixturing
Spindle speeds up to 10000 rpm
Spindle power up to 20hp

Renishaw part and tool probing
Expertise in the machining of castings
Typical materials Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel,Titanium, Lead and Polymers
All CNC machines CAD/CAM wired
Both linear slideway and turcite machines
All conventional machines DRO equipped
Offline Zeiss tool setting
CNC MillingKaiser boring system
Twin pallet milling facility


Maximum ‘X’ travel 1600 mm
Maximum ‘Y' + 'Z’ travel 620 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 1000kg
Typical Batch sizes up to 5000
700 hours per week capacity on single shift
Additional hours on extended day or double day shift
[top]CNC Milling


Positional 5 microns
Production repeatable bores 10 microns
Small batch bores 5 microns
Air gauging and CMM support
Surface Finish 0.2 micrometers

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CNC Milling







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