CNC Turning

CNC Turning


: FOX-VPS have had a long history in the application of turning techniques to small batch and production applications. In recent years we have invested heavily in the latest semi automatic and multi axis production machines.

CNC Turning


Daewoo Puma 300M with full C axis
Mazak SQT250MS with sub spindle C axis
and barfeed
Spinner TC52MC with full C axis & barfeed
Hyundai Hit 18S chuck
Hyundai Hit 18S barfeed
Colchester Combi 4000 chuck
Colchester CNC4000 chuck
ColchesterCNC350 chuck
Colchester CNC350 barfeed
Leadwell LTC20-AP chuck
Goodway CGL3 chCNC Turninguck
Emco Turn 320 barfeed
Emco Turn 220


Colchester Triumph 2500
Colchester Mascot 1600 Long bed
Colchester Mastiff
Hardinge HVLH 5C collets
Feeler FTL-618E 5C collets
Ward 2A thread rolling machine
CNC Turning


Spindle power up to 22kw
VDI tooling system
Through coolant U drilling 15 – 60mm dia
Spindle speeds up to 6000 rpm
Rapids up to 30 metres/minute
Automatic touch probe toolsetting
Expertise in the machining of Castings
Typical materials Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Small diameter bar feed cell
Titanium, Lead and Polymers.
5 CNC cells with second operation machines
All CNC machines CAD/CAM wired
Both linear sliCNC Turningdeway and turcite machines
Workpiece weights up to 250 kg
Thread Rolling


Maximum CNC turning diameter 600mm
Maximum CNC turning length 2000mm
Maximum CNC bar feed 80mm dia
Conventional turning capacity 1000mm dia
Conventional turning length up to 2500mm
Typical Batch sizes up to 5000
800 hours per week capacity on single shift
Additional hours on extended day or double dCNC Turningay shift 

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