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FOX-VPS Ltd, based in Camberley, Surrey, specialises in the manufacture of precision machined castings, components and finished assemblies for the defence, aerospace, automotive, nuclear, oil and gas and other specialised industrial markets.
We also manufacture hydraulic actuators, valves, fire protection, bearings and associated equipment for the aerospace, automotive and specialised industrial markets worldwide.

With over 40 CNC machines of up to 7 axis, 3 CNC Coordinate measuring machines, OneCNC CAM, Solidworks CAD and 5 hydraulic test rigs, the company has invested heavily to serve its chosen markets. With a strong, technically competent and experienced team of people we seek to provide the highest standards of quality, design and manufacturing competence to our customer base.


Current day

Since the businesses merged in 2004 the business has grown significantly and now has two sites in Camberley with over 50 employees, 40 CNC machines together with design, assembly and test facilities. FOX-VPS is part of a small group also offering non-ferrous sand, investment and gravity die castings. The group employees more than 80 people with an annual turnover of £7.5 million.

FOX-VPS have also acquired a number of specialist businesses including Keyte, HAC and Turner engineering, giving it a broader capability base in the design and manufacture of hydraulic actuators, valves and associated equipment.

10th March 2020

FOX-VPS Ltd, along with its sister company, Engineering and Developments Ltd has been acquired today by Enhanced Engineering Group Ltd. Enhanced Engineering Group’s CEO Leigh Smith said ‘We are delighted to have acquired two well established and successful businesses. We look forward to continuing the growth of both companies.’

Amalgamation of companies

FOX-VPS was formed in January 2004 from the amalgamation of two long established companies; The Fox Engineering Co. (1939) and Visual Planning Systems (1946).

Fox engineering make a series of acquisitions

In 1965, with the acquisition of Hydrogear ltd based in Blackbushe, Fox expanded into hydraulic systems and equipment manufacture with its own design capability.

Visual Planning Systems established

Visual Planning Systems started in north London making factory layout models to address the high levels of industrial reconstruction and modernization after the war. It exported planning boards and cast scale models of most machine tools and equipment all over the world. As computer modelling started to develop and reconstruction slowed, the company diversified into the manufacture of sand castings for the defence and aerospace industry. A machine shop followed in the 1960s, making it one of the first subcontractors to offer both casting and machining under one roof.

Fox Engineering established

Fox Engineering, based in Bisley for over 70 years, started as a family run garage business that moved into engineering during the Second World War when there was a burgeoning demand for manufactured parts. After the war it started to manufacture for Kenwood, Hoover, Clark Equipment, Ferranti and Reynolds Boughton and other well-known companies.

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